What a great place! Beautiful job of restoring! Love the kitchen, you have given me lots of ideas for my old house! Had a great time.


What a great place!

Jenny and Joel, Thank you so much for hosting the Wards. You have a beautiful place here.
Love, Carolyn and Gary

Thank you so much for hosting…

I love this cute house! It was perfect for our meeting. So open and well lit! I can’t wait to have a retreat here.

I love this cute house!

Thank you for having us – you have a beautiful place and it was so nice to see you again.  I hope to bring friends to share in this special location.  Best wishes for a successful multi-purpose home!

You have a beautiful place…

Thank You! Thank You!
So fun to have a comfy place to run away to. You’ve done a beautiful job on the house and have thought about all the details to make it perfect!
Love, Melissa, Karen, Julie, Becky and Lynn

Thank You! Thank You!